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Municipal Companies


Castellˇ 2000 is a municipal company, of which the local council of Castello dĺEmpuries is the 100% share holder, the social objectives of which are the provision of certain services, specifically:

  • the supply of clean drinking water
  • conservation and maintenance of  all sewage installations and piping.  
  • maintenance of public lighting
  • cleaning of public buildings
  • signposting (both vertical and horizontal)
  • maintenance of parks and green spaces
  • general maintenance and cleaning of all public buildings and property

Castellˇ 2000 acts as a municipal company together with two companies that receive both private and public funds.

CeNet, Castellˇ.net Ecoempuria

Castellˇ.net Ecoempuria (Cenet), 30% of which is publicly owned, together with a private partner (Sersall) which has a 70% share of the new company, is dedicated to:

  • the provision of the municipal thoroughfare sanitation services
  • garbage collection and beach cleaning

TEVECA (Terres Vegetals Castellˇ)

This company is comprised of 4 partners, one of which is Castellˇ 2000, who each hold a 25% share.
This company was created to solve the problem that the local council had with vegetative waste removal. This company is dedicated to the transformation and vaporization of vegetative waste for its subsequent use as compost in gardens, plantations, as well as for other commercial gardening uses.

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