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The Castelló d'Empúries Council’s Department for Youth provides a service which aims to offer socialization and emancipation tools to young people that live or study in our municipality. And at the same time, offer quality free time and recreational activities with the participation of the young people.

To achieve this, the Department for Youth has used, since 2001, the Youth Local Plan proposed by the General Secretariat of the Autonomous Government of Catalunya.

In summary, we could say that the Department for Youth works with initiatives that help to improve the quality of life of our young people and their families, strengthening weak areas that influence our everyday lives in order to achieve social cohesion within the social strata of our municipality.

The Department for Youth and The Youth Information Point offer an assessment and information service about the assistance available from different departments to obtain access to housing.

The services we offer are:

·         Youth Information Point.


·         New Assistance Assessment by the Autonomous Government of Catalunya.


·         Purchase-sale information, buying off plan, purchasing advice, requesting credit, legal information, flat valuation, renting information, rental contract, before renting.


·         The objectives of the Department for Youth are:


·         Improving young people’s access to housing.


·         To create and broaden areas of social mediation with regards to housing for young people.


·         To be an intermediary between the departments and the young people.


·         To analyze the state of the housing in our municipality and propose effective solutions.

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